Thursday, January 20, 2011


Liam got a tricycle from Aunt Kimmie. He thinks he is hot stuff in his helmet. He can now say "bike" because of this gift.
This year I learned how to knit using the knifty knitter set. I made this blanket for my mom and the hat and scarf sets for Becca, Brooke and Emily. Yarn is pretty cheap but it sure adds up when you get obsessed like me.

Liam got a GYNORMOUS school bus activity center from my parents. He loves it! Now he will come grab me by the finger and pull me over to it and put a car in my hand and point to it. Meaning he wants me to play with him.

Santa brought Liam some Thomas the train things. He loves to puch them around saying woo woo!

The favorite thing from Santa! He got this and was so excited! He played in it all morning until it was time to go to Grandma and Papa Lee's house. He had the biggest melt down yet when we had to go because it was too big to bring with us. I mean bloddy murder scream on the floor and everything.

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