Sunday, January 23, 2011


Liam loving on cousin Tanner. In this picture he was actually loving on him; usually he tries to sit on him. There's also cousin Zachary too.

Liam had a fun time attacking Cody. It was so cute!

I don't know how this happened, but Douglas and Cody were playing with legos and the next thing I know Douglas has a pirate eye patch on. Sometimes these people just crack me up.

Zachary riding his tricycle.

Tony and his dad having one of those serious and boring talks. I get super bored with it, but it's bonding time for them so it's good.

Liam got a ring pop in his stocking. It was funny he just kept it in his mouth like a binky since we had just barely "broken" him from the pacifier. We called it his "bink pop"!!!

For Christmas, we all got together the day after Christmas at Tony's sisters house and opened gifts and then had a turkey dinner. Christmas was great! It was just fun to relax together and enjoy each others company. Liam loved playing with his cousins all day. Tony's Aunt Jean and his cousin Christine and Neal along with their families also joined us for the feast. I was in charge of the stuffing and mashed potatoes. Apparently I'm a horrible cook because the stuffing was too moist and the potatoes were too dry. But at least it was edible. From Tony's parents I got lots of knitting stuff and kitchen do dads and I love them so much! Thank you!

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