Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cupid Came To Our House!

Cupid came to our house and left lots of goodies! As you can see Liam was anxious to get into the goodies! Liam got a cute little backpack and a new pillowcase for his new big boy pillow! Tony got a new scripture case that I sewed for him. And I got a rose bush to plant in the front yard!

Breakfast was heart pancakes

Cupid(me) made this cute m&m treat bag. It is wax paper decorated and sewed together.

I love practicing my cake decorating skills and it is a tradition in our little family to have a Valentine's cake, so this was this year's cake.

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Carl and Debra Lee said...

You sure learned well! I never realized that all those little things I did when you guys were little would become such a tradition for you. I'm glad to see you making your own traditions and family fun! Love it all! Mom