Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Valentine's Date ( a day late)

We went to Papago park and hiked up to Hole-in-the-rock and did some hiking around there as well.

He's hard to see because he is wearing brown and camoflauges right in.Tony climbed up to a little cove in the rock.

Kim babysat for us, so we could go on a nice date and spend some time alone together. Thanks Kim! Well, first we went to the Pueblo Grande museum...(a.k.a. boring I don't recommend it) It was a museum that had "ruins" of a Hohokam mound. Apparently the Hohokam tribe vanished and archaeologists aren't sure where they went, so we learned about that. Lame just looked like a pile of dirt to me. But it was fun just spending time together holding hands. After the museum we went to Papago Park which is by the Phoenix Zoo. We hike up to the hole in the rock and just admired the amazing view of Phoenix. Hole in the rock is a big red rock mountain that near the top has a hole in it; you can hike up to it and sit in it. It was pretty amazing. After hiking a bit we went to dinner at Black Angus. Tony picked out our restaurant and I didn't realize how darn expensive it was..whoa. Oh well. Good thing we have a tax return coming any day now. We had a great time just being a couple since we hardly get any time to just be us anymore. We are always a family of three and hardly ever just a couple that doesn't have to worry about Liam throwing his food or throwing a fit in public or anything. Not that he usually does that or anything he is a very good little boy, but he is still a toddler that needs constant supervision. I realized how very important it is to go on dates without the kids. At first it was almost weird without Liam, but after a while we really had time to just lay down on the mountain and make shapes out of the clouds in the sky and talk about anything and everything. We never do that anymore. I've been married to Tony for almost 4 years and I found out things about him that I didn't know yesterday. Yesterday's date just refreshed my love for Tony and I am so thankful for him! Love ya babe!

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Carl and Debra Lee said...

Yes, dear dates are so important to keep you guys close to each other. I'm so glad you had a lovely date together. It's wonderful that your sister helps to make those dates possible by watching Liam. We are all so lucky to be here in this life! Love ya! Mom