Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Just A House

My parents just moved out of the house that I grew up in. I hardly remember any of the houses we lived in before this one. I was 7 when we moved into that house. It quickly became a home. Having all 6 of us kids in one house at the same time made sure that it was well worn in. I have sooo many good memories in this house and some not so good, but they all turned me into who I am today.
  • Doug convinced me that we had turtles in the attic.
  • Doug fell through the attic and into the hall closet.
  • Ben and I chased Hannah into a corner where she split her head open and Mom had to get a ride with the neighbors to take her to the hospital.
  • I moved into the garage because I was sick of sharing a room with Hannah.
  • We all shared a bedroom on Christmas Eve waiting for Santa and Tracy convinced us that she saw Santa.
  • All the Christmas Eve parties with the Nobles.
  • Doug acting wierd and running into the backyard blaming the darn jack rabbits when it really turned out to be our new puppy on the side of the house.
  • Sitting as a family on the back patio trying to agree on a name for that puppy. I wanted to name her Ginger, but the guys name won. Damsel.
  • All of us being taken out of school to watch Damsel have her puppies.
  • A massive girls sleep over in my room with a root beer chugging contest.
  • Many swim parties.
  • All the baby quail that would run around on our front patio.
  • Coming home to a sweltering hot house after being in Colorado for a few weeks each summer, but being glad to be home.
  • When Hannah and I shared the dining room as our bedroom because we had too many kids and not enough rooms.
  • Liam's first birthday party!
This house had so many memories made in it, it's hard to say goodbye, but in the end without our family in it, it's just a house. Family makes a house a home.


Natalie and Sean said...

I didn't realize that your mom and dad moved. Wasnt that the same house that we stayed in when we came to visit you guys many moons ago.

Anthony and Erin Mills said...

When your family came out to visit when you were little? No it was a different house. We moved to the house in this post when I was 7. But still my parents lived in that house for like 17 years or something.