Friday, February 4, 2011


I wanted to make a post about my amazing husband. He does so much for me and our family and sometimes I feel like he often goes unappreciated and it's my fault. I appreciate everything he's does. At times when I'm moody or just a straight up butt, he's always nice back to me and never says anything bad to me. He's always uplifting and always chooses the right. He amazes me so much! An almost constant thought in my head is how did I get so lucky? So many other people have husbands that may yell at them and demand so much of them. My husband has never once seriously raised his voice at me in our 4 years together. True story. Sure we have our squabbles but he is always the one wanting to resolve it and get back to loving each other while I tend to want to box up and be alone. He goes to work and does his best to provide for us. He loves our little boy so much! They love to do the same things. (play cars and make the noises, read books, makes messes, etc.) He tries to do anything and everything that will help me out. He does the dishes almost every time. He just plain loves me! Some people may take the word "love" for granted. I won't. I sometimes think about what it would be like to be a normal woman with a normal husband. I can almost bet that I wouldn't get the same sort of love and affection that Tony gives me regularly. I mean how many other husbands would take salsa dancing lessons. He really tries to fit in with my family even though his family is completely opposite of mine and he is not used to our activities, sense of humor, etc. I love his little cow licks in the back of his head even though he spend loads of time in the bathroom trying to get them to lay down. I love how they stick up! He was brave enough to let me cut his hair and continues to let me cut it. He often lets me pick out his outfits. All in all I am the luckiest woman alive! I am loved everyday by my handsome prince!

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Anthony and Erin Mills said...

That is very touching that you think of me like that Erin, I love you so much.