Tuesday, February 8, 2011

South Mountain

It got a little windy while we were there. Forgive my crazy hair. This is about half up the Alta trail.

Taking a water break. Daisy is so spoiled she doesn't even have to sit on the ground like the rest of us. Tony spoils her so much!

My view

Tony and the girls, Missie and Daisy

Run away!

The view from here

Liam and his mommy

The weather was great! There was a slight breeze that gradually got stronger throughout the day. We first stopped and had a picnic then proceeded to do some hiking. Tony and I were both surprise by how far we were able to hike without dying. We ended up turning back because the dogs were too tired. We could've kept going. Missie and Daisy both got a lot of cactus in their paws so we learned to bring tweezers next time we go. It was a great day and hopefully we can go a lot more often now that we know where South Mountain is and that it is free.

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erika said...

How fun, South Mountain is one of my favorites, there are so many fun trails and some that lead to neat little structures like at Dobbins Lookout.