Sunday, April 3, 2011

General Conference

At the beginning of the last session of conference, I was sitting in our office listening to conference on the computer and knitting and Tony was in the kitchen finishing lunch. Tony came in to check on me. He asked where Liam was. I thought Liam was helping Tony make lunch and Tony thought he was in the office with me. We set out to find him and this is what we found. He has learned to climb onto our bed by climbing onto our nightstands and then on to the bed. This was a first. He never falls asleep anywhere other than his bed or the car seat. Nap time usually involves crying and then just playing in bed for a while before he falls asleep, so this was a super cute big surprise.
Also note that he is wearing underwear. Those are the same pair of underwear he has had on all day meaning he hasn't had any accidents! Today is a momentous occasion!

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