Friday, April 8, 2011

My new favorite place

I almost caught this beautiful California kingsnake! It was huge! I've never seen one this big. But it got away in the water and I didn't feel like swimming.

California kingsnake

I love lady bugs in case you didn't know

The central log system. There are cormorants and turtles on it.

Beautiful. That is a red-winged blackbird singing on top of the reeds. I love these birds. They are so pretty and sing so pretty!


erika said...

It looks really cool, where is it?

Anthony and Erin Mills said...

It's called Tres Rios. It's on 91st ave and south of Broadway. It's a little turn in right past the water treatment plant. It's a little dirt road that takes you back to it. I have started walking there everyday since we only live 1 mile away.

Linda said...

Beautiful place to play--even big girls need some place like that! :)