Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hiking at Squaw Peak 4-30-11

The best part of the whole trip! I saw a western diamondback rattlesnake!!!! It was awesome! My first time ever seeing one in the wild! It caught me off guard and I didn't see it til I was right next to it. I was on the trail and I have just crossed and was on the side. Luckily the rattling notified me of it. I was lucky I didn't get bitten since I didn't see it. But it was a great experience and wouldn't trade it for the world!
Taking a rest after about 3.5 hours of hiking.

Hiking up a big boulder mound!

I found a geocache! For those who don't know what it is a little jar or box that someone hides and puts the gps coordinates online for others to find. When you find it sometimes they have a paper for you to sign saying that you found it or you can leave a little trinket. I signed my name and the date that I found it.
Just me and the desert

Hot mama! I climbed up on top of a boulder mound and enjoyed the view for a while

This wasn't from my hike, but earlier that morning. I went to check on our turtles in our pond and this little guy was basking on the rocks around the water. I accidentally spooked him and he fell in the water. I fished him out of the water and saved his life!


Kandice and Rob said...

Look! A blog comment. Love hiking! Did you go by yourself?

Anthony and Erin Mills said...

Thanks for the comment Kandice! I feel special! Ya I went by myself. I wasn't too worried about being by myself because I knew there would be a lot of ppl around.

Linda said...

Geo-caching sounds like so much fun. Lucky girl--getting to go off by yourself and just breathing in the beauty of the desert!

Bryce and Sierra Hannibal said...

that's a huge snake! You're crazy....I would have been running the opposite direction!!