Friday, May 6, 2011

May Already?!?!?

I am very disappointed in myself for the way this cake turned out. I could have done so much better.
Liam turns 2 on the 15th, but we are celebrating early because of all the festivities of my cousin Trent getting married next weekend.
Yes Daisy was actually asleep like this! haha
Liam totally vegged out watching Toy Story
Someone got a new big boy bed and sleeps great in it. It even has a slide, but for some reason he doesn't really play on it much.
Liam and Saige love to read the books, but today they decided to join the books in the cupboard!
Grandma's cushions never stay on the couch! Liam and Siage love to play on Grandma's couch! The house is filled with giggles and laughter as they jump on the cushions and have pillow fights!

"Daddy don't go back to work!"
This is Liam "putting together" his new big boy bed. What a good helper he is! He loves to always be doing what Daddy is doing.


Briana Jensen said...

so cute! I love him helping to put his bed together! Happy Birthday Liam!! And I think your cake turned out great! It looks very coyboy-ish to me!

Alan & Ellen said...

Liam is such a doll! I love him! It looks like he is having a blast with Saige, too. That's so fun that cousins can play together every day! :) And your Woody cake looks AMAZING!!!!!! I love it! Great job, best friend! Love you :)

Bryce and Sierra Hannibal said...

I cannot believe how big Liam is! I also cannot believe how long it's been since I've seen you! Totally not fair! why don't they make adult beds with slides? That would be awesome! Things for adults are never as fun or cute as the things for kids. Especially SHOES!!! Oh and I think the cake looks awesome. I don't have the patience for decorating cakes. I went to one cake decorating class and decided I would NEVER attempt to do that again! :)

Crazy Carl said...

Looked like the boys had a good time at the expo! Very Cool!