Friday, May 20, 2011

Grand Canyon May 16-17

My dad and brother Doug at the end of Bright Angel Trail. Something like 26 miles in 11 hours. That's pretty good, especially for Doug's first time!
Here they are last 1/4 mile or so. Notice Doug is carrying my dad's pack and his own. Buff bro!
Anxiously waiting for Papa and Uncle Dougie!

Doug was pretty pooped after the hike. He fell asleep with his hand on Liam. He is going to make a great daddy someday.
We toured the Indian ruins at Tusayan and I thought this sign was kind of an oxy-moron. Don't ya think? Mormons don't drink tea...haha!
At all of the lookouts we stopped at Liam would shout out "PAPA!" like he was trying to find him because he knew we were there to pick him up. How cute is that?!?! I love this picture too!

We stopped at the bridge that goes over the canyon right by Lee's Ferry. I've driven over it a million times, but never stopped so we decided to this time. It was pretty amazing. Liam kept looking in the water and saying "Fishy!"
Vermillion Cliffs
My favorite sign :)

Liam had a cold, so he slept almost all of the time in the car throughout the whole trip. That was nice. The best part of it is that it didn't mess up his nighttime sleeping either. :)
Splashing in the puddle. It snowed over night while we were there, but by the time we left in the morning the snow had melted around our hotel room.
Dad and Doug starting the trail at around 5:45 a.m.
The before the hike picture. North Rim of the Grand Canyon.
I love this picture! This is Liam waiting as the guys got all their gear from the car to start their hike.
My car in the morning of the big hike.
Driving back from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon around 6 a.m.

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Amanda said...

I love that picture of Liam asleep in the car seat. It looks like you had fun.