Friday, May 20, 2011

Fun with Saige at Grandma's House

Saige (22 months)

Popsicles. Liam had one of Grandma's shoes on and Saige had the other on, but she decided to move so wasn't in the picture.
My mom just finished school for the year and has been home the past couple of days. She fell asleep holding Maysa yesterday.
Saige and Liam admiring the rain. I opened the window because we had great weather and it happened to be one of the five days a year that it rains in Phoenix so it was great to enjoy through open windows. We couldn't go outside because Maysa(4 months) was sick.
Liam decided it would be fun to get in the toy bin and put all the toys in with him! He seriously just sat in there for a good 10 minutes like it was a spa or something. lol

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Briana Jensen said...

haha so cute! love that all you can see is his little eyes peeking over the bin!