Sunday, May 22, 2011


The order is all messed up on here but oh well.
We took a romantic bike ride along Tempe town lake.
The color changing bridge that we rode under

We also went to a Jamie's Elsewhere concert and got to meet some of the band.
This is Aaron the singer. He seemed pretty cool.
Jamie's Elsewhere
Our concert buddies. Reed, Lysha, me and Tony

Earlier in the day we went on a family date. Liam got a build-a-bear gift card so we went and he got to make himself a bear. Here he is giving little "Chutwee" a bath. We also went to the Disney store and let Liam pick out some toys to spend his birthday money on. He got a little set of "Cars" toys. Thanks Papa Hargett and Aunt Kimmie!
We drove over the fancy bridge in Tempe.

I don't have any pictures of the rest of our date. Before the concert we went to Reptiles and Reefs, my new favorite store. That is where I got Jasper the newest scaly addition to our family. I showed Tony around and day dreamed of all the reptiles and enclosures I would like to have. Tony wished there was more fish and I was totally into the snakes. They have a pretty cool array of lots of reptile species.

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