Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mills Family Reunion 2011 Altamont, Utah

Watching the trout in the pond.
Tony's sister Tina has a cast and has to move around on this little scooter thing and Liam thought it was pretty cool. He would make the motor sounds and try to drive around on it.
Liam's uncle Steven taking some of the kids around one of the ponds in the canoe.
This is Tony's cousin Jon and Uncle Omar doing a skit about wolf stew. This is where they are doing it in slow motion.
Each night after the kids all went to bed we played all sorts of games and went hot tubbing. We were playing spoons in this pic.
4 years of marriage and lovin' it!
This cute little bridge was right outside the back door of the lodge we stayed at so we had to take advantage of it and get some family pics!
In the front of the lodge was a pond with big trout and a row boat. We went rowing every night we were there. We also got to feed the trout that were in the pond. The fish went nuts everytime we would feed them and we would always come back wet because they splash and jump out the water. Liam loved that part! We have a video and I will have to post it as soon as I find my stupid camera cord!
This Tony's Grandpa Mills giving out gifts. At every reunion Tony's grandparents get gifts for all of the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. This year Liam got a book about animals and Tony and I both got a journal that has their testimonies in it.
At the activities center by the lodge we were able to do some rock climbing. Here is Tony's cute behind. I also did it but didn't get a pic. As it turns out Tony's older brother Steven is quite the monkey. He has some talent in rock climbing. He got so high up on the wall it was crazy.
Tony's fish
My yah!!!
One night for the "close of day ceremony" Tony's aunt and uncle were in charge and decided to do story telling. Tony is known for his stories, so he told the story about the guy who wanted 49 bricks. If you want the full story ask him.
We also rented some mountain bikes and went for a ride. I went for a few more short rides afterward.

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