Thursday, June 23, 2011

Southern Utah visiting the Whitings 6/13-6/17

At Zion National Park waiting for the shuttle to pick us all up at the end of the day.
Liam and Landon followed by Brian and Emily and Candice hiking at Emerald Pools in Zion. It was a great hike! It was a fairly easy hike that was for the most part stroller accessible. At the end of the trail it opens up into a pool with a waterfall over your heads. The canyon tree frogs were "bleating" and the sound echoed all over the rocks. It was a beautiful sound! If only I could have found one to catch!
We saw this buck in velvet as we finished our hike and it was maybe 15 feet away. It was close and so pretty or handsome I guess.
On the Zion shuttle going through the park. Liam was pretty excited to ride a BUS for the first time!
This is in the road that goes right through the mountain, so you can see out in a few spots. It was soooo dark inside that tunnel! We had fun taking turns screaming out the window or honking the horn to hear it echo of the rock walls. Liam and Landon thought it was hilarious!
Tony and Liam over Coal Creek in Cedar City.
Liam and Landon best friends. They were constantly on bikes and playing in the water1 It was nice to have weather that was just right and not sweltering hot!
My friend Candice and her little guy Landon

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