Saturday, July 23, 2011

It's Saturday!

Liam riding Missie!
Today I accidentally bumped Liam in the face and he rubbed his nose a little then was fine and continued to play. The next time I looked at him he was covered in blood. Ya. This kid's nose bleeds a lot!
Liam trying my s'more pancakes! He loved them! It was like dessert for breakfast!
S'more pancakes.
They don't look all cute and crafty but they were amazing!
I FINALLY finished the baby blanket I've been working on for the past 2 weeks or so. I learned to crochet the last couple of months and have sort of been teaching myself with some help from you tube and watching my in-laws. I decided to make a blanket for a friend in my ward who is having a baby. I think it turned out pretty well and I'm impressed with myself. It took a lot longer than I had anticipated, but it's cute and that's what matters.


Briana Jensen said...

Such a cute blanket!! And it's square!!! Mine always turn out lop sided- so great job!!! Hope Liam's nose is doing better!

Carl said...

I love it so much when you post such cute things! Sorry I'm just so boring with my posts! You are so talented! The blanket is adorable! Keep up the great work. Mom