Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My 25th Birthday Party

Hot Lips
Liam eating cake!
My cousin Grace with my niece Maysa!
Look at those eyes! What a cutie!
This picture is a bit blurry because for my birthday I got a sweet Nikon camera and we were still figuring out all the settings! We celebrated my birthday and my Grandma's birthday we were both blowing out the candles with Liam's help.
Aunt Jeanne got me some shower gel and perfume
Mom and Dad got me a camel pack for hiking once it gets a little cooler.
Some of the guests. Hannah, Sarah, Aunt Jeanne and Grandma
My mom and Saige

On my actual birthday, Tony and I went to see Harry Potter 7.2 (which was amazing though, I bawled) then we all took a nap and later that night I had a GNO with some of my good friends! Then on this Tuesday we celebrated with my family. I got a new Nikon camera from my husband which I am so excited about because it is awesome! And a plane ticket to Texas for 5 days to spend time with my BFF who I haven't seen in over 2 years! Tony is stinkin' amazing! I was a great birthday, but I am starting to feel old.


Emily Buck said...

Yay for a sweet new camera!! That is the best gift ;) glad you had a great birthday! Sorry we missed it!

Carl said...

Yes you are old! I can't imagine how that happened when your parents are so very young:) It was fun to have everyone over to celebrate. Hope you felt loved!