Friday, July 22, 2011

Kendal's Princess Party

Kendal blowing out her firework candles!
Happy birthday Kendal!
Liam got a sucker out of the pinata! That was all he could eat out of it because most of the goodies were gum and I'm not ready to give him gum.
Liam trying to bust the Princess pinata! He thought that was cool because we actually allowed him to hit something with the bat!
Just got out of the pool!
We bought Liam some floaty wings and he did so well. He understands the basics of swimming and with the floaties he was all over the place and didn't need my help at all! He is such a little fishy!
The party was at my friend's parent's house and Liam had a blast with their golden-doodle, Percy! Percy would go and get the ball and play with Liam and he thought it was so cool!

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