Thursday, August 11, 2011

TEXAS (picture overload)

So for my birthday my AMAZING husband got me a plane ticket to go visit my best friend/ college roommate for 5 days. She is currently living in College Station, Texas because her husband is going to Texas A&M. She is a cosmetologist, so she gave me a hair cut, waxed my eye brows and painted my toes. She was going to give me a hackle in my hair, but we ran out of time.
We ate lunch at a bar called the Dixie Chicken and played some pool. Sierra kicked my butt!

Eating lunch at the Dixie Chicken
Sierra's has a little 4 month old named Macie. She has some sweet hair so she did it up in a mohawk!
Gig "Em Aggies!
Definitely in Texas
New hair cut and new necklace
We went out to eat a lot to all of the good places around town. The one day that Bryce had to work we went to an early breakfast at Shipley's donuts for the Aggie Special. Hot fresh glazed donuts to die for!
Macie loved the lights at the Dixie Chicken!
My sister-in-law who served a lot of her mission in College Station told me that I had to try the brisket. So we went to C&J's for lunch one day.
Bryce got Sierra a work out video called "Flirty Girls Fitness" so we did it one night. Basically we were learning to strip dance. When we were in college we would work out to a Paula Abdul dance video and dress up in 80's clothes! haha!
Playing Rummikub
Macie is so beautiful! I love her eyes!
Eating at C&J's


Carl and Debra Lee said...

Wow you sure did a lot fun things with Sierra! Macie is a doll! Love those eyes too!

Alan & Ellen said...

It looks like you had a blast in TX! I'm so happy that you got to go and visit your other bff! But I will admit, I am pretty happy that you are back home with me (your other bff!!) in AZ!! :)