Saturday, October 1, 2011

General Conference

Today is the first day of General Conference and I will admit it was the first time ever I was awake before the 1st session started. Thank you Liam. Well, this year I was actually looking forward to it. It was really great. We watched it on our computer and laid out blankets and pillows in the office and watched it. I crocheted this beard for a friend during conference. During the break we went and picked up this little guy. His name is Baylor and he's a beagle/ jack russell terrier mix. I'm not so sure about the name Baylor, it has trouble rolling off my tongue so we might change his name to something else. I have been searching craigslist for a while and was just drawn to this dog I don't know why. So we went and looked at him and decided to bring him home. So far he gets along great with everyone except Missie. Missie is just very outgoing and in everyone's face, so I don't blame him for being overwhelmed. Hopefully things will calm down between them as they get acquainted. My parents think we are crazy for having 2 dogs let alone 3. They just aren't animal people and we are. I think we can handle it especially since he is small dog.


Carl said...

You are right. We are not animal peple, we are people people.

Robin Anne said...

Yeah, my parents aren't animal people either, and I think they think it's weird that we have Sophie. I remember you are the reason we got her!!! Because you had sweet little daisy, and we loved her. I have an old video of Daisy and Sophie frisking around together as pups, just before you moved. I'm really sorry to hear about Missie, and surprised. She's so young to be so sick. Sad. That being said, I hope she doesn't have to suffer long. Remember when she chewed up my sandal at your house????? She was chewing on it for half an hour before we saw that she had it! LOL!

P.S. I love your beardie picture!!!