Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Weather

Missie Sue. Poor Missie is not doing well. We don't know how much longer we will have her. She was diagnosed with lupus and hasn't been responding to treatment. She has gained several pounds and is bleeding under the skin on her belly and gets open sores on it too. She also scabs and bleeds on the top of her nose. Our poor baby. It's sad to see her so sick. We had her since about 5 months after we got married.
Daisy May with one of her obsessions.
Playing in the rain (see the stick in hand?)
Jack Russell (Jacko)

Today we had beautiful weather! It was an overcast day and was a perfect temperature. Tony went fishing while I stayed home with Liam while he napped; I might have napped a little to :) Later in the afternoon it rained. We went on a family walk down to the mailbox and had to turn back once we got to the park because it started raining pretty good. We sat on the back patio and talked while Liam played in the rain. It was so fun!


craftyblt said...

I wanted to sit out in the rain too but a headache got in the way. Today was such a beautiful day! I'm glad someone else enjoyed it too!!!

Robin Anne said...

Isn't Jack Russell a beer? ;)