Saturday, March 3, 2012

AZ Museum of Natural History

Panning for gold

We took a family trip to the Natural history museum to see the dinosaurs. It was a lot of fun! Last time we went Liam was barely learning to stand up while holding onto things. He was a little nervous around all the big dinosaurs.
Later that day, after his nap (which he rarely takes btw) he pulled something from his pocket and gave it to me with a sad look on his face. It was the magnet from the museum gift shop that he wanted and I told him he couldn't have. He must have stuck it in his pocket instead of putting it back like I told him to. I explained that taking things without paying for them was stealing. So we called the museum and made it right and sent the magnet back to them with a sorry note. Liam felt bad about it so I think the lesson was learned.

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