Thursday, March 8, 2012

Las Vegas Anniversary Trip- Picture Overload

We saw the Michael Turco magic show. Michael Turco was a magician that was on "America's Got Talent." It was pretty amazing. I was thoroughly confused by the end at how he did it all, so I guess he did a good job.
The Siren Pirate Show at Treasure Island! Basically a bunch of hookers dancing and then blowing up the pirates. We left early because it was pretty boring.
New York New York hotel and casino. Check out that roller coaster. It was so big that Tony didn't even want to go on it.
The volcano show at the Mirage hotel. It was so nice because it was freezing that night and all the pyrotechnics warmed us up really nicely since we had a front row spot.
The aquarium tunnel at Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay.
The Coca Cola store. I was absolutely terrified in this store. I have a horrible irrational fear of people dressed up as characters and I know it's just a person inside but I am terrified of them. They had a Coca Cola bear in the store to take pictures with. I seriously was tearing up because I was so scared. I wouldn't go past a certain point to avoid him spotting me and coming to greet me.
My hot husband on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Inside the Venetian
The Luxor obelisk
We got to see the Blue Man Group perform and to meet them in person afterwards. They are a little creepy to me, but I wanted to get a picture with them. The concert was AMAZING!

The Blue Man even touched my face!!!
This was the prettiest courtyard inside the Venetian mall

Tony bought me a pearl, but here's the kicker. I got to pick my own oyster and do the Hawaiian oyster ceremony. Mine ended up being a silver pearl which is pretty rare. She opened it and then I rubbed the pearl in my hands and made a wish! You'll never guess what I wished for!
I've always wanted to try the slot machines, so Tony and I each spent a dollar and tried our luck at the Venetian casino.
Caesar's Palace was so cool!
Love this picture in front of the gardens at Caesar's Palace

This cracked me up. On the left in the men's bathroom. On the right is the women's. Haha.
The Bellagio
The Eiffel Tower
The Bellagio water show. We saw it twice. Maybe I am a little sappy, but the first night the show was to the song from "Titanic" and I actually teared up because it was so beautiful.
M&M World!
I've never seen so many M&M's in my life!

It was probably the best trip I've ever been on in my life and I got to spend it with just my honey. (which has been renamed Toney because my tongue got tied saying Tony and Honey making Toney) Thanks for an awesome 5 years babe! Glad we are together for eternity!


Robin Anne said...

Woooo HOOO!!! 5 years! made it! Your trip looks like it was so fun! I want to go to Vegas now!

Pamela said...

That is so awesome I am so gald that you got to go. It looks like a ton of fun.

erika said...

It looks like you guys had a blast! I think Vegas is so fun and I'm jealous you got to see the Blue Man Group! The pirate show at Treasure Island used to be better, but they've changed it so much now. And I also think it's awesome you got the pearl from the oyster...I've always wanted to do that! So cool.

Nichole said...

glad you had fun! Vegas is always one of our favorites. It isn't just for drinking and gambling! haha