Monday, April 23, 2012

Gila River Rescue

 This is the devastation of what used to be our favorite fishing spot in the valley. They are in the process of making things better; taking out all of the non-native plants and fish to make way for planting of native species. It is still sad to see. This is a channel that used to break off from the main river and was lush and green. Not anymore. Since they blocked off the feed from the river it is all drying up and the fish are dying. We decided to go rescue a few fish for our back yard pond. We wanted some mosquito fish, but I didn't see any so we settled for a few big plecostamus.

 Here is our biggest catch
It sure is nice having a little squirt around because when the cops came and talked to us rather than getting into trouble they just told us to park else where and gave Liam a sheriff's sticker. :)

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