Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Beginning Of A Journey

So I have been thinking a lot about myself lately particularly my body. I can't remember exactly where I heard something pertaining to how our bodies are a temple of God. Maybe in general Conference. I can't remember. But anyway, that kind of hit me hard that I have been treating the body that God gave me like crap. I hardly ever almost never exercise. That is changing. I have a friend that felt the same way about her body (she weighs a lot less than me though) She didn't like how she looked and just didn't feel balanced. I feel the same way, but have just been too lazy and it seems like a huge insurmountable task. This friend has lost about 30 pounds or so through running. I have chosen to make a change and not be a lazy gross person anymore. I am going to exercise several times a week. Tuesday through Thursdays my husband is home to watch Liam so I can go hike, run, bike, whatever. Today I started the day off with a super healthy spinach smoothie which was actually pretty good. It was spinach, banana, pineapple, and yogurt. Yum. It was green, but couldn't really taste the spinach. I then got my bike out and rode down to the Indian Community and back. In reality it isn't very far, but it was probably a few miles round trip. It felt good that I made it to my preset destination and home again! I was skeptical if I would make it so I brought my cell phone just in case I needed to call Tony to come get me, but NOPE! I did it!!! I am going to take a before picture of how I look now. I may not post it because it is nasty, but hopefully I can look back and see how far I have come. Also as my readers, it is your job to help keep me responsible and working toward this goal.

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