Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Liam Had A Birthday, Shout Hooray!

 Liam woke up to a room filled with balloons on his 3rd birthday!!!!! He was quite surprised!
 He then came to find a new Thomas the train set!!!!
 After playing with his new train set for a little while, we went to Denny's for his birthday breakfast! He got chocolate chip pancakes!!!
 The extra nice waitress even brought him an ice cream sundae and sang to him even though it was only 9 in the morning! He felt so special! He kept saying, "I the birthday boy!" and "I'm tree!" a.k.a. Three although he would hold up all 5 fingers. ;)

After breakfast, we went to Toys R Us and let him spend the birthday money that his Great Grandpa Hargett sent him! He picked out an emergency car set with a SWAT car, police car and a fire truck! He also got The Lion King movie.
He got several phone calls from aunts, uncles and grandparents. He kept telling them about his birthday cake and presents. We hadn't planned on having a birthday cake this day since we are throwing a big birthday party this weekend, but decided to make one last minute because he was so looking forward to it and telling everyone that you eat birthday cake on your birthday.

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Pamela said...

Looke like tons of fun and sounds like more to come.