Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer has begun

 Seriously love this pic! This was at a school party for the little boy that I watch. They had so much fun!
 Today we went to the splash park with some of our neighbor boys.
I must say that I am probably the coolest mom/neighbor. I took all these boys to the splash park and even supplied otter pops.

We are looking forward to Liam's birthday party this next weekend! We've been doing lots of planning! We are having a Cars themed party.... if you imagine Liam picked it out himself. We are renting a Cars 2 bounce house for the yard and having pizza. I didn't realize how many guests we invited until we counted them all up. Liam only invited 3 friends and the rest is family. It will be a little insane, but Liam will love it and it will only be for a couple hours. I can't believe my little guy is almost 3 years old!

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