Thursday, May 10, 2012

Week 2

Week 2 is winding down and I have only managed to bike on Tuesday and Thursday, but between the 2 days I biked a total of 25 miles! 12.5 miles on Tuesday and another 12.5 miles today. I really enjoy it! I love to just be lost in my own head and clear my mind! It is really refreshing and something I even look forward to doing. I'm not too excited about the super hot summer days that will make it harder to do. On Wednesday, we laid paver tiles in our backyard so that counted as my workout for that day.
Today I didn't really want to bike very far because my legs were cramping up right from the get go, but I kept going because I didn't want to be a wuss. I knew I could go far and that it was all in my head anyway, so I pushed past that doubt and just kept going. I may need to get a new bike sometime in the near future though because my gears kept slipping and changing which was frustrating. I love the phases of the ride. At first I am excited to go, but have a little bit of doubt if I can make it as far. Then I get into a rhythm and just chug a long at a quick pace. I take a break about half way and allow my butt to get some blood because it goes numb from the bike seat. I push farther and farther and am just looking for the quickest way home. Then I seem to hit another rhythm which is much slower than the original pace, but still chugging along quite nice. I love it! It is nice to challenge myself and make great steps into the new me.
Can you imagine a skinny me? I can't either. But hopefully someday in the future and it will be hard to remember what it was like to be fat.
Well, total miles over the past 2 weeks is 42 miles bikes and about 1 ran. Boo I hate running. I'll stick to biking and eating healthier. Eating is my biggest struggle because I would honestly say that I have an addiction to food. I need to re-channel my food intake to healthier foods. I have been making a more conscience effort into making better choices. But I struggle especially since the path I travel for work is LINED with fast food joints. Ahh! It's hard, but so far I am doing better each day. It is also helpful because that family I work for and I work in their home are very conscience and healthy eaters, so it is helpful.

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Robin Anne said...

Wow Erin! Good job! It feels so good to use your body and complete physical goals but so hard to get up and do it. You are doing so well though. I'm proud of you!