Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mills Family Camp Out June 18-20

I bought a little bug catcher at the dollar store which kept the kids busy for quite a while plus it was cute to watch them play with it and try to catch bugs

Tony's dad and brother even came and "had fun." I'm not 100% sure that they did, but you never know with their personalities

Tony's sisters family. This is Rob and 4 of their 5 kids. Emily, Zachary, Joshua, and Cody

My guys at the Canyon Creek Fish Hatchery

This is the big fish pond at the hatchery that had 24 inch and bigger fish!

Leaning over the edge of the pond looking at the fish

He had an emergency evacuation from the Poco fire after the first night of camping. We were starting the make lunch when the sheriff came around and told us that the fire had shifted and that we needed to pack up, but that we had time to finish lunch. About 30 minutes later the Fire Chief came speeding around and told us that we didn't have time to finish lunch and that we needed to pack up immediately! The fire was out of control and was soon to block our only path of getting out of the canyon. This got the kids quite a bit scared and they were sad that we couldn't camp anymore. We speed packed and ended up burying 2 kids alive in the back seat.

The Poco fire. It was only about a mile away from our exit. After we got evacuated, we went to another camp ground near Woods Canyon Lake and continued our camp out.

Tanner. Yes all of the kids looked like this most of the camp out

Thank goodness I brought Liam's sand toys because all of the kids had a good time playing in the dirt

Missie decided to try and play with a skunk on the first night and was sprayed right in the face. Ya it was NASTY! She still kinda stinks after 2 baths and I read online that the stink can linger for up to 2 years on dog's fur. EW

Getting ready to fish at Woods Canyon Lake

My little fisher. I just love this picture with his bare feet and all :)

We caught some crawdads. Josh caught the biggest

Tony and our BIL Rob

Liam and cousin Zach

Right as we were getting ready to go home after fishing the stocking truck came and dumped 2,100 rainbow trout into the lake so of course the guys had to try their luck before we left. 

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Pamela said...

It looks like you had tons of fun,even with the setbacks. We are sad we aren't there.