Sunday, June 24, 2012

So Excited!

Yesterday we had our first rehearsal for the Suessical and went over the opening song. Oh my gosh I am so excited! It is such a fun song and as soon as I got home I downloaded it! Been singing it ever since! I am so excited for the new friends and new talents I get to explore.
Also on a side note tomorrow we leave for San Diego! So excited! Still haven't quite decided if we want to spend the money to go to Sea World because it is $75 a person! Ridiculous price I think! But maybe it's worth it. I don't know. I wasn't able to find any discount tickets. So we will see. I really would like to go to Sea World since I've never been. If we decide we can't swing it then we are going to go on a dolphin/whale watching tour which will be lots of fun too. So be expecting another post when we get back from all of our beach adventures!

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Adam and Christine Jardine said...

We're excited for you! Seussical is such a fun show! We have the soundtrack, and a DVD of our show if you want to borrow either of them. Samuel was the MOST adorable elephant bird EVER. EV.ER.