Thursday, June 28, 2012

San Diego Day 2- Sea World (Lots of Pics)

"One Ocean"  The Shamu Show. I am not going to lie. Orcas are pretty much my favorite show and I pretty much cried through the whole thing. It was so surreal to actually be there and be seeing these amazing animals. Wow! Oh when the sign says "soak zone" it really means it! We were drenched! But it was fun!

They had a whole Sesame Street themed area called the "Bay of Play" for the little ones. He loved the ride and especially that he had control over whether it went up or down. Liam was disappointed because they had a pirate ship there but it was closed so he couldn't play in it. In case, you were wondering Liam is obsessed with pirates.

Bert and Ernie. We don't really watch Sesame Street hardly ever so I don't think he knew who they were.

My boy seeing the orcas for the first time. I was crying this whole time. I don't really know why. I've always loved them so much. I was obsessed with Free Willy growing up so I feel a special connection to them.

Bummer the orca moved away and wasn't in the picture

Waiting the see the Shamu show. We were in the SOAK ZONE

Tony seeing how long he could hold his breath for to compare it to the dolphins and whales

Liam and I petting the bat rays

Cute little otter in the Clyde and Seamore show

Clyde and Seamore show. SLL (Sea Lions Live)

We got to see Cirque De La Mer, a Cirque De Soleil show. Loved it! Tony was riding the new Manta roller coaster while Liam and I went to this.

The amphibious creatures from Cirque de la Mer

The Blue Horizons Show. This was the only performing Pilot Whale in the world. Very cool!

Did you know that Green Sea Turtles got their name because the fat on the inside of their bodies is actually green?

I think Liam's favorite part was the sharks

Did you see the polar bear sleeping right to the side of Tony's hand that is around Liam?


Liam was scared to go into this cave because there was the sound of a growling polar bear and he was looking all around for it

Beluga whales! Loved them! I had a friend at the zoo who worked with them and she called them "squishy whales"

Liam souvenir that he wanted all day and we finally got it for him at the end of the day so he wouldn't keep stabbing people.

We went to the Rockin Shamu show at 9:30 the last show of the night and Liam fell asleep right before it started and even stayed asleep after we got splashed by Shamu. It was so cold and he still slept right through it. Luckily we bought a Sea World beach towel to wrap him in once it was over. We also got to watch fireworks from the Shamu tank stadium. Watching fireworks while Shamu swims in front of us...priceless!

Yes we are all wet. We had just seen the Rockin Shamu show and got splashed. Not nearly as much as we did at the show earlier in the day though. We had so much fun! I think I would even say that Sea World is my happiest place on earth not Disneyland. It was the perfect mixture of theme park and zoo, so perfect for me!

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Bill and Emily Grant said...

How fun! We are heading to San Diego and Sea World in September! Your post made me even more excited! Looks like you and your cute family had a blast!