Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cub Scouts Halloween Party

Let me first start off by saying how much I love my calling as webelos leader. I was terrified at first. I mean 10 year old boys....ya scary! Turns out, I LOVE IT! It is so much fun putting together fun activities that I know they will love and then see them earning pins and badges. It makes me feel very accomplished to see my scouts earn things and know that I helped.  Anyway, for our Halloween party we just set up tables in our drive way and let the boys decorate and eat cupcakes and then we had them make some paper bag and paper plate masks.

So I am the tricky/fun leader and little Zander came to show me his cupcake that he had made so I take a closer look then shove it in his face! Ah they love me!

Playing "Cub Scout Says" or "Simon Says"

This was my Halloween trick that I planned. We gathered all the boys up to close our party before kids started leaving. We had them close their eyes because we had a "surprise" for them. Then all of us leaders started spraying them with silly string! Loved it! I even got them all to clean it up afterwards by seeing who could make the biggest silly string ball. Score! It was so fun!

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