Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Proposal

 I got the privilege of being the videographer of my big brother's proposal. We played it off that I was just videoing for his hunting blog. We were scouting/glassing for his upcoming javelina hunt. While Alyson was looking through the binoculars my dad popped out from behind a bush with this big neon sign. When Alyson turned back, Doug was on one knee. It was so special to be there to support them both! We all love Alyson like she's been one of us all along.

After it was all done and over with Doug had to sit down. He was so stressed about it all and was feeling a little faint.

 After the proposal, Doug surprised Alyson again with an engagement party with all of our family and her family! We watched the proposal on the tv and had a nice lunch and cake.
 They got to practice their cake cutting skills!
Alyson with her girlfriends at the engagement party. Showing off her bling!

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