Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas 2012

 Santa brought Liam and I both new bikes! We are so excited! Liam can now go pretty fast on it and we can actually go on family bike rides! I love it!

 Liam loves pirates and has for quite a while. My mom got him lots of Jake and the Neverland Pirates stuff!
 My mom made these awesome felt masks (and crowns for Ben's girls; as modeled by Doug) She made a mask for just about all of the Avengers and a few other super heroes.

 This year we drew Doug and Alyson for Christmas! Doug has always joked about a giraffe hat( Giraffes are his favorite), so I made him one and he actually really liked it!
 Christmas with the Mills! This year we were lucky enough to have Steven and Pam come into town form Iowa! It was so fun to have everyone there even though it was crazy! The cousins had so much fun! In the Mills family the girls are greatly outnumbered by the boys. Out of the nieces and nephews there are 2 girls to 7 boys! I don't know why that is, but even with Brent's siblings and all near 100 of the family members a large majority are boys.
 Liam got Uno Moo from Aunt Tina and it is such a perfect game for his age. I'm not gonna lie I really like it too. We've played at least a good 10 times since Christmas.
 Jacob! He is so cute! I love all of his facial expressions! He is very expressive.
 Aunt Pam with Jackson and Tanner trying to open Tanner's hand clapper.
 The three brothers! Tony, Steven and Douglas
 On Christmas evening, we got all of the AZ Mills family together to eat and hang out. It was a lot of fun to get together with all of the family. This is Tony's cousin, Neal's wife Kristen with their little guy, Colby. We love them and their little family so much!
 Steven and Pam got each family a set of foam swords for Christmas. It was so much fun! At the church all the kids engaged in a giant sword fight! This is Miranda and Jacob going at it.
 We went to the train park in Anthem with Steven and Pam's family and Tony's dad and fed the ducks and rode the train!

 Liam and Jacob are about 6 months apart and are such good buddies! They played so well together and had so much fun! Liam cried when Jacob had to go back to Iowa. Hope we can visit again soon!
The Steven and Pam Mills family. Jackson, Steven, Pam with little Keagan all wrapped up, then Miranda and Jacob. Love them all!

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