Friday, December 14, 2012

Setting up the Christmas Tree

This year and last year we have been blessed to be able to buy a real Christmas tree. Before when we had our artificial tree it didn't quite feel like Christmas or shall I say it didn't quite smell like Christmas. Pine scented candles don't do any justice to the wonderful homey smell of a real tree. Sure they are more messy, but the smell is worth it! Although this year it took us probably around 4 hours to get it set up We first put it in the stand and it was a little wobbly, but it stood ok so we went ahead and decorated it. Later that night after we put Liam to bed it fell down. So Tony and took turns holding the tree while the other cut more branches off the bottom so it would fit in the stand better. Now it stands perfectly and looks and smells great. We even had a Christmas train that goes around it!

Putting the star on!

we found a Santa wig and beard in our ornament box and Liam insisted on wearing it the whole night pretending like he was Santa.

This one is a little blurry because I took it without the flash so i could catch the glow of the Christmas lights on the tree.

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