Monday, October 28, 2013

Doug and Alyson's Wedding Weekend

 Some of the flower girls
 Liam and Ethan
 Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Lee
 The wedding party. My groomsman and our little ringbearer.
Liam was one of the ringbearers. He didn't give Alyson the ring when the other ring bearer went up to he had to go back up once Alyson had her ring on and they asked where the ring was he said, "it's in my pocket" Apparently his pockets were really deep because it took a little while for him to reach way down there to get it out. Everyone started to laugh. But he did get it out and passed it along to Aunt Alyson. It was so dang cute! 

 We were really excited that Gavin could make it. Maysa just loved him!
 During the reception, Liam just went up and grabbed one of the bridesmaids and started dancing with her. Mind you, he'd never met her and just thought she was pretty so he started busting a move with her. Everyone was laughing so hard! My little stud!
 Since we had everyone in town for the wedding, we did a cousins day and went to the SeaLife Aquarium. It was great to have all of the sisters together with all of the cousins.

 All of the Lee grandkids. This is a huge deal to have all of them together (minus the one in utero :)
 Papa and Pat even came for the wedding! We love them and were so grateful that they could make it!

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