Monday, October 28, 2013

Lake Pleasant Trip

 We took a family trip to Lake Pleasant and Doug hooked us up with a boat. We absolutely love going out on the lake. If we could we would have our own boat and be out there all the time. The weather was perfect and a little drizzly at first, but turned out the be the best day ever. We had the whole day just to ourselves which we really needed. We did some fishing, some tubing, and just some fun swimming.
 Liam was a little unsure of tubing with Daddy. He wanted to go really slow, but Daddy wanted to go a little fast. His face tells it all in this picture.
 When Tony was on the tube, I pushed that boat to the max speed and whipped around fast to give him a scary ride. I tried my best to flip him, but he did pretty good at holding on. He loved it!
 Liam and  Mommy went on a nice slow tube ride which he enjoyed much better.
 Liam did some fishing too. He had a little scare when he accidentally dropped his pole over the side and into the water. Mom and Dad may have overreacted a little and jumped right over board thinking it would sink, but it ended up floating anyway so we didn't need to rush and jump to get it. The whole situation scared him, but was ok.
Liam loves to jump into the water. He climbed in and out of the water to jump off the boat.
We loved our lake trip and really did not want to go home.

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