Monday, October 28, 2013

Mills Reunion in Salt Lake City

 We were able to stop and visit my BFF, Emmaly while we were in Utah. We are the greatest friends. We haven't seen each other in years yet when we get together it's like no time has passed and I love that.
 We went fishing in Provo Canyon and Liam got to fly fish for the first time. He now says he is the boss of fishing because the boss of fishing gets to wear the vest.
 We had a sack race against the family.
 Liam got to go on his first big water slide all by himself and he loved it! He went quite a few times! He also got to jump off of the diving board all by himself. He was definitely the smallest one doing it. I love that he can swim all by himself especially in the deep end. I just stood behind him and waited until he swam to the edge so I could jump off.

 We finally got the hear the story of the Golly Gungies. It's a famous Mills family ghost story that Uncle Dennis made up and shared with Tony and the cousins around his age at previous family reunions, so now it is time for the next generation to hear it.
 We took some family time away from everyone else and toured temple square. It was so nice. Tony and I were also able to do a live session at the Salt Lake Temple which was a new experience for us.

It was Tony's grandparents 65th wedding anniversary! We had a big family dinner and program to celebrate.

It was a fun trip and we really enjoy being around Tony's extended family.

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shyam pandey said...

nice and joyful family.