Monday, October 28, 2013

Trunk or Treat Tolleson Ward 2013

 We have been lucky that Grandma has been able to come to our Trunk or treat this year and last year. Grandma did the cake walk with Liam. It took a while but he eventually got to pick a cupcake!

 He was going to be Hulk, but last minute decided he wanted to be a pirate again. Thankful that we have a dress up box with costumes.
 Loving the cotton candy!
 Most people did not get Erin's costume. She is supposed to be a "mummy to be" get it?! Well anyway, Tony is the archaeologist and Liam is a pirate.
The next day we carved a pumpkin and Liam was unsure about the "slime pasketti" inside the pumpkin, but he warmed up to it and enjoyed pulling it. We made a vampire pumpkin because Grandma gave him some vampire teeth so he wanted a pumpkin to match.

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RETA said...

Really cute pictures! Nice family!