Sunday, March 9, 2014

Eliza's Blessing Day

 Today, we were able to bless our sweet Eliza in our brand new church building. It was our first Sunday to meet there! It is quite possible that she was the very first baby ever blessed in the new building! The blessing was beautiful and Tony did a wonderful job! We were so blessed that she fell asleep right as I got into the chapel. Thank goodness! I was really stressing that she would cry through it. In the circle to bless her was Tony, of course, our bishopric, (Bishop Clift, Brother Nelson, and Brother Dunn) my dad, brother Ben, Tony's dad, his brother Douglas, brother-in-law Rob, friend Alan Johnson. It was a wonderful day and Miss Eliza looked so beautiful in her blessing dress that my mom had made when my sister was born years ago.

 The blanket was made by Tony's mom for Liam's blessing. My mom got her that cute little bracelet.

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