Sunday, March 9, 2014


This Saturday, I had the opportunity to join my Relief Society in a spiritual walk to the temple. The walk started at our newly rebuilt church building and ended at the new Phoenix Temple. It's something like a 22.8 mile walk. I joined part way in due to a nursing baby. I think my total mileage was something 16 miles. It was an amazing opportunity. All along the way we had priesthood with aid stations with drinks, snacks, and moleskin. Along the path, there were signs with stories about continuing on our journeys through life through the thick and thin of life. We have it so easy! For the last mile, we had to hike over the mountain. I was alone as I got to the top and got my first look down at the temple. I just cried; it was so beautiful and I had walked so far for this beautiful sight. I loved this experience and now know that I can do hard things. I would gladly do it again!

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