Monday, March 3, 2014

Life As A Family of Four

 On Valentine's Day, we went on our first outing. We were able to tour the brand new Gilbert Arizona Temple. It was beautiful and Eliza slept the whole time in the sling! I have decided that a sling is a necessity when you have more than one kid.  We were grateful to have been able to go through as a family before the temple was dedicated. However, Liam was not a big fan of the stairs. There were a lot of them.

February 23rd was Eliza's first Sunday to church. We only went to part of our sacrament meeting and then drove to Chandler for our nephew, Cody's ordination as a deacon.  She looked so cute in her red dress, but messed it shortly after we got to Chandler and we had to change her outfit.
 Sleeping in the same cradle that I slept in as a baby. My dad and grandpa built this for me when I was born. Liam also slept in it when he was a baby.
 We got to meet my cousin, Trent's new baby girl, Emily right before they moved away. Emily is 5 days older than Eliza even though she was due about 2 weeks after Eliza.
 Liam is a good big brother and occasionally asks to hold her. He is such a big helper. I am very grateful for the age difference between them.
 March 1st brought a nice rain storm! No rain is complete without splashing in puddles!
 I had some anxiety about going to the temple dedication at the stake center and leaving Eliza behind since she couldn't go in especially about her getting hungry. So, Tony went to the 9 am session and I went to the 3 pm session. While I was at the dedication, Tony and the kids played in the parking lot. This is what I saw when I came out afterwards.

We had our first success in our garden! It is so exciting! These carrots taste better than regular carrots! I am so proud! This is only a small portion of our garden.

Being a mom of 2 has been quite an adjustment, but I think I've got it down a little more now. Eliza does pretty well at night; waking up every few hours to eat then goes right back to sleep. Usually we both fall asleep since I feed her laying down. She is a good little eater. Liam is very good at being patient. I feel like he is a little more wound up at times just because we don't go out doing things as often because going out is a much bigger task than it used to be. 
Miss Eliza is starting to pack on the pounds. She has cute little rolls on her thighs now. At 3 weeks, she was weighed and was 9 pounds 11 ounces. She is still in newborn clothes and diapers though. I think Liam had already grown out of those by this time, so she may be a little smaller than him. I feel so blessed to have 2 perfect little kids.

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