Sunday, April 13, 2014

County Fair and 2 months old

 This cutie girl is 2 months old now! She loves her little "snuggly" and loves to hold it in her hands up by her face or in her mouth. At her doctor's appointment she weighed 12 pounds 9 ounces. Just barely more than Liam weighed at 1 month. She is a good smiler and we've got just a couple small giggles out of her. :)
 I've never been to a county fair, so the kids and I went to check it out since it was free in the mornings on the weekdays. It was interested to watch kids showing their animals. We had a friend whose nephews were showing their pigs, so that was fun to watch.

 Liam wanted to do one ride and picked the slowest ride that only goes in circles. We tried to get him to choose a ride that did a little more thinking it would be more fun for him. Once he got onto the ride, he started to get worried and asked the operator to not make it go fast. I guess it's a good thing we didn't make him go on a faster ride. I guess he is like his mom in that way.
 At the fair, we loved the turkey stampede! It was so funny! It was a remote controlled truck with turkey feed in the back and a bunch of baby turkeys chasing it. So funny!

 Eliza loves to suck on her fist! She also got her first set of shots at her appointment this week. It was so sad! Liam cried for just a minute when he was a baby, but not Eliza. She was so sad and SCREAMED for a good 10 minutes or so! Poor baby! I just cried with her as I tried to comfort her after she got them. It hurts to see my baby in pain.
We are loving life as a family of four. This weekend we were able to go to the dedication of our church building which was wonderful. Our stake president, who is in our ward, gave an awesome dedicatory prayer. It was a great meeting as we heard the history of our original building that was burned down a couple of summers ago. The building was originally built by the members in the area and was dedicated by Spencer W. Kimball. We are happy to be meeting in a church that is a little bit closer to our home. We are thankful!

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