Monday, June 9, 2014

Summer Means Swim

 Summer means swim especially in Arizona! This summer, we signed Liam up for swimming lessons at the city pool. He has had lessons before, but they were free one on one lessons that I got through my work. He is pretty well advanced for his age because of those lessons.
 He loves to swim and is really good at it. It is also really good for his joints since he has juvenile arthritis. Several of our friends from our ward take their kids for lessons there so we thought it would be fun and it is! Liam loves his teachers and being in the pool with his friends. It is hard to sit in the shade along the pool while he swims; I want to swim too!

On Thursday(the last day of lessons for the week) the kids all got to go on the water slide! Liam is always nervous about new things and didn't want to go. I always make him at least try things like that and guess what almost always he loves it! As soon as he got done with the slide he asked if he could go again.

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