Monday, June 23, 2014

4 months and such

 Miss E is 4 months well 4 1/2 now. Cute as can be! She is now full on rolling over in both directions and can push up with her arms and move around in circles. She loves to grab things and they always go into her mouth...always. She is not a big laugher, but does on occasion. You usually have to work for any laughs from her, but she flashes smiles all the time!

 She has pretty much outgrown her cradle, but being swaddled up doesn't cause much problems. She goes to sleep and stays asleep best when she is swaddled. A friend of mine shared some articles she found that suggest that babies be only swaddled with their arms not wrapping their legs. It is better for their hips to fall out like they naturally do, so she gets put into a "straight jacket" swaddle at night. When she wakes up she usually is kicking the end of her cradle. I am nervous about moving her so far away down the hall to her crib even though it is not really far just feels that way since the cradle is right next to my bed.
 She HATES the car and always has. I really hoped that as she got older she would get more used to it, but we are not that lucky. Ugh! It is especially stressful when we are taking other people around. She just screams bloody murder the whole time. UGH!
 We recently started holding a weekly Andrus/Colledge Day with some friends. We do dinner and FHE on Monday nights now. It is fun! We had a weird day where Tony was actually home on a Monday night to join us.
 I am LOVING  my new hobby of gardening! My plants have been doing so well! Right now I have zucchini (above) and okra (below) I also have onions, but they never bulbed so I am getting ready to just pull them since they are dying anyway. The zucchini is doing mostly good probably have gotten about 10 o
f it now and have more growing each day. Okra is just starting to really become fruitful and I am loving having it. I even am liking it raw (weird I know). It is such a fun experience to see God's wonderful creations in action. The big changes that occur over night are just amazing!

 For Father's Day, Tony got a big Reese's car. I didn't even know they made bars. Yum! He is always remarking about my "chocolate drawer" and so I thought I would give him a jump start on building up his. I loved how big the bar is with E holding it!
One of my friends just started a cloth diapering business, so I did a little research about them and found that they can be used as swim diapers. So I bought a super cute one! I love it! Well, anyway my friend is doing a contest of cutest cloth diapered bum, so this is my best one so far. I love it, but can't seem to get the background quite right. I will retry it, but seriously isn't that girl just a doll?!?!?!
We recently went to a program with the "Reptile Guy" at our library and Liam got to learn all about reptiles and pet "Teresa" the reticulated python! It was so fun!

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