Tuesday, October 21, 2014

First Dental Appt

We were super blessed to find out about a free dental clinic for kids. Liam hadn't been to see the dentist yet and it has been on our to do list for a while. We fit it into our crazy weekend schedule and made it a priority. It was supposed to be Super Sealant Saturday, but I voiced some of my concerns with the dentist we saw about some sore teeth Liam has complained about, so they took us down stairs to get it checked out. After some x-rays, it turns out nothing was wrong. The soreness he's been feeling is his molars coming in. Now I have 2 kids teething. I'm glad that that's all it was. I'm grateful for the awesome dentist that he saw. Liam wasn't really acting nervous, but he didn't know what to expect and the dentist did so well with him. Since he doesn't have his molars in yet he didn't get any sealants put on, but probably next year.
They also had a carnival outside for the kiddos to make cool things and do cool activities. Liam made a coaster, a paper hat and sword and played lots of cool games. He got his face painted like a ninja turtle and even got to meet MOLAR MAN!

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