Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Phoenix AZ LDS Temple

 We were able to attend the Phoenix Temple open house this past weekend. We were even lucky enough to bring an inactive member friend. Tony's friend, J.D. actually asked Tony if he would take him to the temple. We picked him up and we went together. They had a shuttle bus that rode from parking over to the temple. Liam loved that! When we got to the temple, the sight just blew me away. I've seen the temple a few times previously, but the light in the sky versus the lights of the temple were just astounding. It was one of those sights that just takes your breath away.
 The open house house was very well organized and we didn't really have to wait at all. We got on our cute little booties and went on the tour. It was beautiful. I could feel the sacredness as soon as we walked through the threshold. It was beautiful! The celestial room was beautiful. Instead, of big beautiful chandeliers like the Gilbert Temple, they had a few small ones and big amazing stained glass ceiling! I didn't see it at first, but my jaw dropped when I saw it!
 I tried to get a good picture of Liam, but his eyes kept wandering when I would take it, so he did this to be a little smart alack. Oi my goofy boy! He said "how's this?"

 There's that smile I just can't live without!
 My precious baby girl in her super cute little vintage outfit! The bonnet just kills me!

 and there's that tongue again!

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