Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

 This year was Eliza's first Thanksgiving! We celebrated multiple times this year. On actual Thanksgiving Day, we shared it with our neighbors the Wallgrens. They are awesome! They heard we were just going to celebrate alone on Thanksgiving Day since we were doing dinner with my family the next day. They would not allow that so they invited us to have dinner with them. They are awesome! Even Grandma and Grandpa Wallgren were in town. We have adopted their grandparents. 
On Friday, we celebrated with the Lee's. Everyone was there except Kim and her family. We had a big dinner with spoiled stuffing because my mom accidentally used lemon juice instead of broth to make it ewwww. After dinner, we all played bingo and my mom had even gotten prizes for the winners! It was so fun and Liam won a water bottle that he just loved.(that broke the first day he was going to take it to bummed) It was great! Since I had already gotten the ingredients to make our own Thanksgiving meal, we had it for Sunday dinner. So all in all 3 Thanksgivings and we are very thankful.

 The Lee grandkids minus Gavin and Ethan. Eliza's even waving.
 This was our little Thanksgiving at home. Love my little blondies!

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