Monday, February 9, 2015

Eliza Taylor Turns 1!

 Seriously?! How can this be? Where did the year go? My baby can't be 1 already!
It seems like just yesterday I was biding my time waiting for her to come. She took her sweet time getting here, why couldn't she take her sweet time before turning 1?
 We had a ladybug picnic to celebrate, of course!

 I put together this little month by month banner to show her changes throughout the year. I kinda love it!
 I have this thing about not giving my babies any sweets so that their first birthday is their first time having something like this. She loved her cupcake and signed more once it was all finished. She had just started using this new sign (more) that day and she wanted more of that cupcake!

My brain is having a hard time fathoming that she is 1 year old already. She is still my little baby though.
 She loves her mama! She loves to snuggle and she loves her "snuggly" (an old slip of mine) and her binkie. When she wakes up and you go to get her, she hands you her "snuggly" and reaches for you. She does a side scoot crawl thing to get around. She talks by inhaling sharply. She says mama and dada and has said nana once or twice for banana. She can now sign: more, thank you (both of which she started on her birthday) and mama's milk. She is wearing size 2 diapers comfortably and is sort of growing into 12 month clothes. She is rather petite. We see the pediatrician in a couple days, but the last time we were there about 2 weeks ago she weighed 17 lbs 2 oz. She is very slowly gaining weight. He brother was about 8 lbs more at this age. 

She LOVES bath time! She could just play in there all day! She loves to splash and throw things over the edge onto the floor. She especially loves playing with brother in the tub. We are still waiting on the top 2 teeth to cut through. They have been bulging for a couple of months, but just can't quite seem to cut through. She loves to brush the 2 teeth that she has though. 

I just love this little girl more everyday! I sure am blessed to be her mama!

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